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Siyakhula brass - donations - about US dollar amounts

PayPal is a US based system and accepts payments in US dollars only. If you already work in US dollars, that's great, it's all very straightforward - please read no further!

It will cost a little bit to convert to sterling, but not very much: I don't have a US bank account and I can't take credit cards through any method other than PayPal, so dollars it is. I've checked (no pun intended) with my bank and it seems that PayPal is going to be by far the best method of accepting donations. For foreign cheques or cash they would charge ludicrous sums. Note: now that it's been running a while I am not too worried at all about the conversion and transmission costs.

At the time of writing, a donation of about 14 US dollars would come out at about 10 UK pounds or just over 16 euros. They are not meant to be suggested donations, but just to give you a feel for the amounts. There is a nice currency conversion site with an online calculator at www.xe.com/ucc/ - you can put in an amount in almost any currency and see it converted to the other currency of your choice.

Paying in foreign currency on a credit card is not usually much of a problem. You see the amount in your own currency when your statement comes. I've used credit cards in all sorts of different currencies without trouble.

If you don't want to use PayPal and can send a cheque in UK pounds, please read my notes. But if you are abroad and/or need to use a credit card, please do use PayPal. They give all sorts of safety assurances (if in doubt please see their site) and I have used them to make payments abroad without encountering any problem at all.

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