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Siyakhula FAQ page:

Your site seems a bit dead. Is this appeal still going on?

Good question. I have stopped really - the main focus of the effort was around the 2001 visit of Siyakhula to London. However, any donation made will still be passed on. There is more about this at the foot of the Neville page.

I can't afford very much, does it matter?

No. If you can afford 50p and that's what you send, that's fantastic. Every single penny will help, every single penny is significant. I promise you.

I am embarrassingly wealthy and about to send you a huge sum, is this a problem?

No. It will be well spent. Would you like your name engraved on something? Or I could wear a T shirt with your face on for a year if that would help! Let's talk!

I already have a PayPal account, will it be easy to use it to donate?

Yes! It's a doddle! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Do feel free to go and have a try now!

I'm in the US but have never used PayPal before, is it difficult?

No. PayPal is very US-friendly. You can sign up and donate all in one go. It seems very painless.

I'm outside the US but have never used PayPal before, is it difficult?

No. No no no. Oh alright then, yes, it's a bit fiddly. But not impossibly so. I did it motivated by nothing stronger than some nice trumpet soft bags, and it wasn't SO hard. For a long whinging discussion of the problems I've had with this, and a grovelling plea to you to not give up, please read my personal ramblings page. The bottom line is, it's not that hard. If you can write a UK sterling cheque, and have no interest in ever using PayPal then fine, do please send me a cheque, but, honestly, PayPal is not so hard.

Can you recover income tax on my donation?

Good question. We can for UK taxpayers: I am sending out Gift Aid forms to these people. I hope you won't mind being contacted about this. (The charity recovers the income tax you paid on that money, so it makes your donation worth more, but costs you nothing.) For donors outside the UK we can't but please don't let it put you off - they still need the money, even if your government gets to keep your tax! (I am sure they will use it wisely.)

How do I know you aren't just nicking the money?

Good question. The short answer, in a slightly horrid way, is that you don't, unless you know me personally. Many TPIN/rmmt/Barts people do and so does the bloke who put the URL in The Guardian. So, quite apart from the fact that I cannot imagine a faster and more direct route to eternal and painful damnation than pinching money off impoverished third-world kids, there are one or two people who seem to think I'm trustworthy. I've been the secretary of a registered charity (prem babies, since you ask) and a school governor and what have you, but you don't want to read my whole CV here as it is far too boring. I know I'm trustworthy, I know I'm sending every penny the right way, I assure you the whole thing is extremely above board, but if you don't feel comfortable about this then for goodness' sake go and make a donation to BuskAid or something instead, I won't hold it against you! I have various TPIN and other friends who are accountants etc and I am happy to submit to any form of audit of what I've done.

How much have you raised?

Please visit the Progress Report page from time to time for the answer.

What are you doing with the money?

Totting it all up and handing it over to the group to spend on resources. Instruments, I hope, as that would seem nicest to me, but I am not going to quibble if there are other needs. Brian is better placed to judge this than I. (See the Progress Report and the bottom of the Neville page for a final(ish) update on this.)

How will I know what happened?

Please keep a note of this URL. From any menu at a page top or bottom you can now click the Progress Report link and see how we are doing.

Final? What about something longer term?

Another good question, thank you for asking it. My initial objective was just to raise some money and hand it over as a one-off present. However, I think it is very likely that something will develop between Haringey and Siyakhula in the longer term, and if, once the dust has settled over the present excitement, this happens then I will explain about it on these pages. (Update - nothing of this sort has happened as far as I know. It's briefly discussed at the bottom of the Neville page.)

Didn't Haringey Young Musicians already raise a load of money for this project?

Yes, and a very fine job they did. HYM paid for Siyakhula to get here - a very large sum indeed. This current little initiative of mine is quite separate and is aimed at asking like-minded people to help me buy a trumpet (or two?), basically! I think the Siyakhula kids had a great time here and I think they will have taken some great experiences home with them - my objective was just to add some brass (haha no pun intended) to those memories.

I see you are putting this money through the HYMSO account. Won't it get mixed up?

No, no, no, no, no. Over my dead body. It's a separate thing and every penny stays separately accountable. (Update - which is what happened!)

What about donations in kind?

Yes please, within reason. I mean, if you have a box of valve oil or some instruments or music or something let's talk! On the other hand if you have three container loads of Cornish pasties in a warehouse in Longyearbyen then there may be some logistical problems. But let's talk anyway. I can collect anything within reason within the UK, within reason, and would be willing to talk about anything else. Within reason. (Update - the only logistical problem of this sort is mentioned at the bottom of the Neville page.)

Why is this web site such a mess?

I don't know, it just is. Sorry.

Where are you putting new stuff so I can follow changes to the site?

It's now on a proper news page, hurrah!. This page is also now linked into the redone menus at page tops and bottoms. Update - it is not at the moment (December 2003) intended to add new information to this site.

The article in The Guardian says there is info on this site about other township music projects. Where is it?

Hmm yes good question. I don't know, I didn't write any! The other project I know about is Buskaid in Soweto who teach strings. They are superb and by coincidence were also in London at the same time as Siyakhula - please see the News page - but at the moment my attention is focused on the Siyakhula group. After all I am a trumpet player! Sorry if the article makes you feel misled.

I don't want to be listed as a Barts/TPIN/Guardian donor. Can I be something different?

Yep. If you are giving money to Siyakhula you can be listed as just about anything you like! The categories were just an idea for a start - if you want to be listed as "Crewe and District Yoghurt Appreciation Society" then fine, just say so. And look what a success it's been with Holmes Place (ahem)! I have no pride whatsoever: if you want to bribe me to do ludicrous things on this website by giving vast donations, then let's talk, just call me Mr Flexible.

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