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Umlazi Township Siyakhula Music Project
- Neville's fundraising page - progress report

Thank you for coming to read the progress report page.
This fundraising project has finished. A final report is on this page and some notes on the end of the project will be found at the bottom of the "Neville" page.

Progress report 5th January 2002 (Final)

Total donated: GBP 639-86 plus one cornet, one trombone and two large boxes of trumpet music!

(The GBP sum is about USD 940 or EUR 1025 [ glossary ] )

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH to all the generous donors who have made this possible.
These include:


Barts / The London / QMUL

The Guardian

- and others who wish to be unnamed. Thank you all so much for your help.

Donors: If I have listed you wrongly please let me know. Ditto if you want me to link to your website etc.

If you are wondering about donating, and is it too late, no it's not. Not entirely. I am not actively pursuing the fundraising effort but naturally if further doantions arrive I will forward them and they will still do good.

Tpt solo - click for bigger version

A trumpet soloist enjoys the typical English weather!

You can click the picture for a bigger version. (33K jpg)


I'm not sure how well currency symbols travel so I have avoided them. GBP is pounds sterling (UK pounds). USD is US Dollars and EUR is Euros.
Here is a link to a currency conversion site with an online calculator, at www.xe.com/ucc/

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