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Umlazi Township Siyakhula Music Project
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December 2003

I'm putting this site to bed for the moment. You can read how much it raised on the Progress Report page.A little more about the end of the fundraising effort - at least from my point of view, and for the forseeable future - is down at the bttom of the "Neville" page. Thanks everyone who helped, you have been wonderful.

Summer 2003

Brian and some of the Siyakhula project's young people were briefly in London and we had a meeting, handed over some donated music, and heard about progress. The donated instruments are in use and much appreciated - I even heard about specific individuals and which instruments they got, which was very pleasing.

Saturday 5th January 2002

I've been given two large boxes of trumpet music to pass on to Siyakhula. They represent a substantial library of solos, tutor books etc and will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Will!

Siyakhula Music Project leader Brian Thusi was back in the UK recently. He turned up as the surprise guest at a retirement party for Lenora Davies, the Haringey music adviser whose incredible energy has forged this link. Almost no-one knew Brian was there until the big band was suddenly augmented by a massive trumpet solo coming in from the wings, and on he walked. Truly a magical moment!

Thursday 27th September 2001

People are still very kindly sending in donations - see the revised total. We have had a couple of fantastic letters from Nqobile's mum and were thrilled to hear that Nqobile now has the lovely cornet which was kindly donated by TPIN member Simon Picken. During August it was great to hear Brian and the group again, this time on BBC radio - Radio 4 did a feature on the anti-racism conference in South Africa and it included musical and spoken extracts from Brian and some of the young people.

Thursday 12th July 2001

They should be home by now. Donations, both money and in kind, are still coming in, which is fine, thank you - there is no particular reason why we should stop now.

Tuesday 10th July 2001

The Siyakhula group goes home tomorrow. They will be sorely missed. Here's a new picture (26K) of Nqobile endorsing products by Bach and Yamaha!!
If last week you tried and failed to get access to this site from the Guardian Online, I'm very sorry. A stray dot was causing havoc. It's fixed now. If you found your way in regardless, by realizing what the problem was, well done! Thanks to LG for pointing out this problem.

Monday 9th July 2001

If you are wondering about donating, and is it too late, no it's not! I will keep something going long after Siyakhula have returned to Umlazi.

Siyakhula dancing at Fortismere school

Siyakhula dancing at Fortsimere School Summer (sic!) Fair

Nqobile is centre bottom, brown leather jacket

You can click the picture for a bigger version. (39K jpg)

There is now a Progress Report page showing the running total of donations. Please go and admire it!

Previous news from before 9th July 2001

Here is a picture of Nqobile and Martha (26K). And here is one of Nqobile and Nev (34K).

Buskaid from Soweto (string players project, very high quality) are in London at the moment. They did a City of London Festival concert in the Great Hall at St Bartholomew's Hospital, on Wednesday 11th July. It was very very busy - we couldn't get in!

If you are thinking of making a donation, please bear in mind that Buskaid and Siyakhula are two completely separate organizations. By all means give money to one or the other or both as you like! But they are NOT the same thing. Donations from this site go to Siyakhula.

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