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Donations to help Siyakhula Music Project, Umlazi Township

My main fundraising effort is now over but any further donations made will be passed on.

Thank you for visiting this donation page. If you find any of it hard to follow please mail me and I will provide some help.

I thought it would be nice if it was possible to group donations by where they came from. You've probably found this page because you read about it in one of the following places: TPIN, r.m.m.t (the internet news group rec.music.makers.trumpet), The Guardian newspaper, or at Barts and The London or QMW. If you look at the grid below you'll see that you can identify yourself in one of these ways. Just decide which you want to be, and whether you want your name attached to your donation or would prefer it to be made anonymously, and click the appropriate button to use PayPal.

Please read this important note on PayPal before you use it, especially if you are outside the USA (click this line to read).

If you are able to send a cheque in UK pounds, this costs least and makes most money for the Siyakhula musicians, though it is in some ways less immediate than just clicking below! Please read my notes on sending a cheque if you are thinking of doing so.

To make a credit card donation, please click the appropriate PayPal/Donate button below. In the next screens following your click, you get to specify the amount and give your details. The amount is is US dollars - if you aren't sure about this please read my page about currency.


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