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Important note on PayPal

I won't bore you with a long explanation of why I'm using PayPal but the fact is that it's the only way that I can accept credit card donations.

PayPal seems to be very easy for people in the USA to use - even if you have never used it before you can make the donation very easily. Just click the "Sign Up" button in the first PayPal screen you see and go on from there.

If you are already signed up with PayPal, whether in the US or elsewhere, it's very very easy. Amount, email and password, click Continue, and off you go!

Outside the USA things are trickier. But please don't give up - you might find it a slight pain now but the Siyakhula Music Project really needs your donation. And once you do get signed up for PayPal it is then very easy to use - I joined it because I wanted to buy Jim Gerdel's trumpet bags and have never regretted it! And it's very useful for lots of payments - many eBay auctions now use it, for example.

The issue outside the US is that you have to sign up for an International account - you can't just use the default (US-only) stuff on the first PayPal screen. Instead please look for where about 7 lines down it says "Outside the U.S.? Signup for PayPal" and click that. This takes you to the international registration screen where you can sign up and register a credit card to use with PayPal. This is a slightly fiddly procedure because of their security - you can't use the card till you have verified it with information from your bill - but the idea of course is that it should be very secure! This means that if you want to do it quickly it would be good to use a card where you can see your payments online - but if not it's not the end of the world, just do it when you get the printed bill. Once you have finished the registration and verification process you can go back to my donation page and have another go, logging in when asked to - it should then work smoothly.

I am really really sorry if this is a drag. Please persevere - the Siyakhula kids are worth the trouble!

If you can write a UK pounds sterling cheque, it's probably quicker and easier to do so. Please see cheques.htm for more details.

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