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Siyakhula brass - donations - about cheques

Thank you for considering making a donation by cheque.

If you can write a cheque in UK Pounds (or "sterling") then that's great. It can be paid straight in without any loss or delay. The only worry that I would have is that it's less immediate and easier to not get round to - if you are going to do it, then wonderful, but if you aren't sure you'll get round to it, then you might prefer to go back to the main page and donate by credit card from there - I'd rather lose the few pence off a definite sum than lose out altogether if something else comes up!

If you are sending a cheque, please send it as follows:

Payable to: HYMSO
Post to:

Siyakhula c/o Neville Young
49 Muswell Avenue
N10 2EH

Please write on back: Your name and address
Please write on back: Whether you want to be named or anonymous and how you want your payment to be grouped - TPIN, rmmt, Barts, Guardian, Holmes Place or other.

HYMSO stands for Haringey Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra who will handle the money whilst keeping these Siyakhula donations separate.

It would be nice to name donors if you don't mind, as well as grouping them by TPIN or rmmt or whatever. But if you want to be anonymous that's fine too. Just say.

Individual amounts donated will NOT be disclosed, unless the donor insists on their sum being listed.

A cheque sent with none of this specified would be treated as an anonymous donation from the source "other".


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