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Harry Smith - The English trumpet player and teacher Harry Smith died on 1st September 2003 aged 76 in Vieuxfort, St Lucia, West Indies. Expanded personalised obituary and link to ITG version.

This is never going to be a huge and serious trumpet site, but here are a few odds and ends:

Siyakhula Music Project - with the help of many friends and colleagues I raised some money, and donations of instruments and music, for a fantastic music project in Umlazi Township, South Africa. The main part of the project is over, but if you want to read about it, please do, and if you make a donation, it will get there anyway!

ITG conference 2002 - links to Lottie & Neville's writing etc. And here's the main ITG website - you don't have to join to use it (but maybe you should anyway)!

Last Post MIDI file page - also contains Reveille (except that it's really Rouse - see the page for more!)

And here is a page about David Mason's piccolo trumpet solo in "Penny Lane".

The next page has some rather beautiful trumpet/cornet pictures by Mike Magers which I put up in pursuit of a debate on TPIN.

TPIN is the Trumpet Players International Network, a busy and very wonderful email list. If you join it you will get lots of messages about the trumpet (and maybe a few about strawberry yoghurt but that's just me being stupid) and you will need to develop your skills at scanning and skimming. Remember that online communities are weird places, with their own atmospheres, and you have to find one that suits you. At the TPIN website you will find the instructions for joining. Enjoy! :)

I'm not putting my own set of trumpet links here, because the International Trumpet Guild Links Hub is so good. If you can find a trumpet page that's not already on it, email Ralph Jones who runs it and he'll add it. It's that simple!

Here is some information about a rather bizarre and wonderful LP by Jerry Fielding, called Near East Brass - West Coast Style. There are some sound samples, sleeve notes etc. You have to hear it!

Historical interest only: this very very out of date link is to the LSO Brass Concert which took place in Islington on 2nd December 1997. It was jolly good!

Unfortunately you cannot use the page, or me, to get in touch with the LSO brass ensemble - please see the page for further details.

If you have any comments to make please feel free to get in touch.

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