Sorry - this is not the LSO Brass Ensemble page!

I'm sorry if you have come here looking for information about the LSO Brass Ensemble (hereinafter LSOBE). Due to a misunderstanding, a few sites have linked to this address as if it was a website for the LSOBE. It isn't.

This page was originally put here to advertise a concert which the LSOBE did at the Union Chapel, Islington, in 1997. I kept it up here because I thought it might still be of some historical interest, but I did not plan it to be quoted as if it were an official LSOBE page.

Where I know the webmaster of sites linking to here on a misunderstanding, I have asked for it to be corrected. Others have linked without my knowledge. You may wish to let them know, and perhaps could give them the LSO URL quoted below as an alternative. But it's up to you. No great harm will be caused if their links continue to be wrong.

If you still want to see the page about the concert

Then you should click this link. I have removed some of the more outdated information from the page so now it is really just a list of the programme and personnel. Oh, and it has a nice picture of a Smith-Watkins trumpet!

If you were hoping to contact the LSOBE

I'm sorry but I cannot help you. I have no special access to the group and my occasional attempts in the past to obtain information for enquirers have not been a great success. Your best bet is to click here for the LSO. This used to have information about the LSOBE and gave you access to links for their contact information, concert schedules etc. On a recent visit I could not find their specific ensemble pages any more. Please don't email me asking for help finding a player or an arrangement or something because, with regret, I will not be able to help you.

If you would like to read a review of the concert

Then you should click this link. It goes to Ole J Utnes' excellent trumpet site [this link goes to his main page] where he has an archive of messages from TPIN, the Trumpet Players' International Network. Here you will find a review which I did. It suffers from: (a) it's biased because I helped promote the concert and (b) it has a few bits of TPIN jargon and in-jokes, but apart from that you might find it interesting.

If you would like more trumpet links

I cannot recommend too highly the ITG Links Hub. It's just brilliant. A must for Internet-literate trumpet players and enthusiasts! If you have not seen it, please go and have a look.

I hope this information has been helpful. I'm sorry if you came here on a wild goose chase. If you'd like to contact me, having read the above, you will be able to get in touch with me by following this link.

This page was written on 12th June 2001. I am not planning to revise it further, but I suppose that if a separate web page or contact email for the LSOBE comes my way I might incorporate it.