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About this site - notes on these pages

Maurice Murphy links - a collection of obits, tributes, articles etc. Your suggestions for more links are welcome.

Harry Smith - The English trumpet player and teacher Harry Smith died on 1st September 2003 aged 76 in Vieuxfort, St Lucia, West Indies. Expanded obituary and link to ITG version.

ITG Conferences home page - details of past and planned conferences.

My trumpet page. Ahem. Rather minimalist at present. But it contains one great link!

Last Post MIDI file See the page for more details. Not much content, but gets quite popular around 11th November and 25th April.

Which Neville Young?

I'm not the doctor, the medical researcher, the fire/earthquake expert or the astronomer. I'm also not the bloke who was done for something involving maritime qualifications, nor the one who fairly recently had a teacher misconduct panel hearing. His surname is like my entire name but hyphenated, his first name is something else, and he is not me either. Thank you.

Other links

Trevor Kates: the late great TK

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