Maurice Murphy (1935-2010) resources

I hope to make this a reasonably comprehensive list of articles about and tributes to the great Maurice Murphy, who died on 28th October 2010. This resource is in development and is not yet "open" to the public, in the sense that it is linked as yet from nowhere.

Not all items listed are available online. I have tried to give a link that gets you as close as possible.


Article link Comment
LSO tribute page Tributes from colleagues, friends and fans
LSO tribute podcast and gallery The 2007 podcast produced and presented by Tommy Pearson is a "must-hear".
The Brass Herald This fantastic brass mag had a major MM article in its December 2010 edition, Issue 36. It is not available online but at the link I've given you can buy a copy for just a fiver, though really you should probably take out a sub while you are there.
ITG News obituary In Memoriam: Maurice Murphy (1935-2010)
ITG Journal The Journal will publish a tribute article in its June 2011 edition. It will not necessarily be available online to non-subscribers, though I'm not party to future developments. You should probably join ITG anyway!
4barsrest Death of Maurice Murphy
Guardian Maurice Murphy obituary
Guardian Maurice Murphy: the unsung classical hero of Star Wars and beyond
BBC News Symphony trumpeter Maurice Murphy dies
The Times Maurice Murphy (Unfortunately the Times is paywalled these days. You can get 24 hours' access for £1.) Maurice Murphy, legendary former principal trumpet of the LSO has died
Wikipedia Maurice Murphy
BBC Radio 4 - Last Word Maurice Harrison Murphy. Radio obituary programme - still available to listen
Financial Times Down-to-earth virtuoso who played a celestial theme
More to come  


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