ITG 2002

The International Trumpet Guild conference, 2002

I might put some more stuff up here but at the moment this is just here to provide friends and family with an easy way of finding the reports that Lottie and I wrote for the ITG website. We had an utterly fantastic time there!

For the best overview of the whole event you should go to the main conference coverage page. However, you can't find our stuff easily from there unless you already know which events we reported, so here (below) are direct links to the reports for those events. But do please look around the site at more than just our stuff, the whole thing is brilliant.


Youth Day – Opening Session

Junior Ensembles Coaching

Impressions of Youth Day

Lottie & Neville

ITG Youth Competition - under 14 years old


Patricia Backhaus – “American Cornet Literature”

Celebrity Masterclass : Håkan Hardenberger

Lecture – Dr. Philip Norris – “The performer’s perception of sound quality”

4th of July Celebration Concert

R. Dale Olson – “The Legendary Trumpets of F. E. Olds and Son”

Late Night Jazz : Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor

Festival of Trumpets - Items 1-5 were written by Karl, 6-14 by Neville.

Preludes - I did these items: (3) RCM Trumpet Ensemble - "Blast RCM", (5) Ithaca Trumpet Crew, and (10) Eastman Trumpet Quartet.