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Near East Brass - West Coast Style

Here are my pictures of the Jerry Fielding record sleeve, and, lower down the page, the cover blurb text and a couple of short MP3 sound files.


(note oh-so-tasteful way trumpet case badge is "accidentally" left in shot!)


The text isn't very legible in these photos, even hi-res and enlarged, so here is a transcription of what is on the cover.
NEW: thanks to TPIN member Richard Shook this page now has the inner cover text, which was not present on my UK version, and which gives much more detail, players' names, etc.

Sound files

NB - Sample 2 contains the bit where the inner cover notes say it's "climaxed by a staggering high G from Bud Brisbois' trumpet".
That'll do very nicely thank you. :)

Higher quality, bigger files, longer downloads

Sample 1 (375K MP3)

Sample 2 (720K MP3)

Lower quality, smaller files, quicker downloads

Sample 1 (140K MP3)

Sample 2 (270K MP3)