Other people's "Penny Lane" bits

My interest in this is based on the piccolo trumpet solos which are an important feature of the song (well I would say that wouldn't I?), so this isn't really a general site about the song as a whole. Since I put up the Penny Lane page people have very kindly sent me nice trumpetty things - files or links to other resources. Here's an attempt to organize them a bit. If you'd like to send me something, please feel free. Have a go at the solo (go back to the main page for a transcription of the part, or look at Frank Bloise''s below) and make a sound file! But please no truly massive files by email - can we talk about it first please?


A Real Audio file of the solo
Visit Ole J. Utnes' trumpet site for a Real Audio of part of the solo, and another version worked into Honky Tonk Women by Ole Edvard Antonsen!


Andy Callard plays the solo
Real Audio, 41K
This brave man is the first to send me a recording. As recompense for his almost lunatic valour, please go and visit his website where you can find out about his instrument repair service amongst other things. Andy, I must say, is the very finest player I have ever worked on a UK no.2 pop record with!


Frank Bloise's transcription (53K)
It's not as if I am setting myself up as a world authority on this! So I was very pleased to be sent this alternative transcription. Please have a look.


Charles Raymond plays the solo!
MP3, 133K
This is Charles playing it on an ordinary Bb trumpet! Yes! Have a listen ...


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