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I am not any sort of Beatles expert at all - remember that the reason for the pages is the piccolo trumpet solo on "Penny Lane" - so you may want to take what I say with a pinch of salt. As far as I know the first two CDs below are all the same version of the song - it's just which CD you get surrounding it that differs.

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The blue album - half of a useful collection

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The red and blue albums were brought out as a sort of historical summary, covering the periods 1962-66 and 1967-70 respectively. Between them, they have most of the really famous Beatles songs, so if you didn't want to collect all the "real" albums then you could do a lot worse then having one or both of these.

The later Blue album is the one for Penny Lane: please click here for the Red album, which is the earlier stuff.

1 - an album of no. 1 hits

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This much more recent CD is a collection of all the no 1 hits. It's probably the cheapest way of getting a collection of popular Beatles songs. Not for purists, I imagine, but OK for the rest of us.

The Beatles Anthology Vol.2 - may well be a different version: caveat emptor

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The 3-volume Beatles Anthology contains all sorts of previously unreleased material, alternative takes from sessions etc. I haven't got it, but I have a feeling that the version of Penny Lane on Volume 2 does NOT have the piccolo trumpet solo. So, in a way, it's (probably) outside the scope of this page, but I include it for completeness. If you know for sure about the PL version on there, maybe you'd like to let me know?

Amazon's Beatles Shop

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The Beatles Shop at contains rather a lot of stuff. Very little of it has much to do with this song but hey. I hope you enjoy it!

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