About this site

Just a couple of notes about these pages.

Firstly, the content. I have recently revised it and removed most of the personal stuff about my job etc. It just seemed a bit boring and since I am not actively seeking a job right now I couldn't really see the point. I have left the trumpet stuff in because it is a personal interest, not my job, and perhaps therefore more interesting for sharing with other people.

One of these days I might do some sort of page explaining which Neville Young I am, or am not. There are more of us than I thought and I occasionally get interesting emails asking if I am me, or one of the others (like the Royal Signals one for example).

Next, the communications. I'm sorry if the new arrangement for finding out how to get in touch with me causes you inconvenience. Click this link to see what it is. I think it's obvious how it works and what the problem is. You have the consolation of knowing that you will probably only need to go through it once.

The aliasing. You probably do not need to be a computer genius to realize that the main URL for this site, www.nevilleyoung.co.uk, is just a disguise for a longer and more difficult one supplied by my ISP. If it doesn't worry you then fine. If it is driving you mad you could right-click almost any of the links on the site and choose "open in new window" (or equivalent) and it would have the effect of breaking you out of the aliasing and into the real URLs. It's up to you. The problem with the real URLs is of course that they could change again whereas I am hoping the main (aliased) one will stay stable for a long time.

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